Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Book

Crouching down, I reached out my hand to him. He walked the space of maybe a yard, placing his tiny hand in mine, and then we somehow melted into each other. With my arms around him, I felt like I'd been his mama forever, but also only for a minute. I'd loved him always, but was just now feeling his little body next to mine."
This inspiring, three-part story chronicles one American family's adoption of a young boy from the faraway Democratic Republic of Congo. Readers accompany the family through the trying waiting period, intriguing time in Congo, and first adjustment years home. Guided by candid and expressive narration and interspersed with reflective questions for adopting parents, it delivers both a gripping human-interest story, and a valuable resource for adopting families. Amidst faith and humor, the struggles and surprises of international adoption come to light, as a family searches for their son and finds themselves along the way.

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